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The Life Experience and Preparation – LEAP is a programme designed for high school students in form 4(K.C.S.E), form 5 - 6(A-levels) and students joining local and foreign universities, with an aim of enhancing their social skills.


Our goal is to give students the advantage of learning additional skills through our 22- course curriculum to help them transition from childhood to adulthood.  These are needed to compete in today’s global economy.

Going through LEAP, students will excel in their lifetime interactions in all aspects of life.  LEAP is an experience that is a bridge to an all-rounded person for a successful future.

The 3 Pillars of LEAP

Becoming a Better Person

The individual as a whole - this aims to equip students with self-awareness tools through a selection of categorized courses such as personal presentation, self discipline, etiquette, budgeting etc..

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Becoming a People Person

Social relatability of the individual, which helps them explore some skill sets to explore productive relationships. Some of the skills learnt are: effective communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

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Building a Meaningful Career

Market employability of the individual program is structured to facilitate relevant career skills through selected courses applicable to student life and the workforce. Some of the skills learnt are: study skills, personal branding and basic computer skills.

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